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"I don't have harsh feelings for him but I just realised that it wasn't going to work and that we were different people in our expectations for each other."There were a few reasons that I realised I wouldn't be able to trust him and I didn't want to sacrifice my own happiness and feelings of self worth." Ashley added that she has no regrets about "following her heart" in the house but has turned to dating app Badoo to find a man.Additionally, he recently launched a new merchandise line with his branded logo called “Same ol G”. This is not his first time in the urban theater scene.In the play, Ginuwine plays the leading man, which increasingly re-sparked his love for acting.Ladies get ready to buy it for your man or spray it on your pillows and think of daddy!Lololol I will keep you updated when the fragrance is ready to purchase Vancouver canada I want to be the 1st to Announce my Exclusive residency @draisvan Big shoutout to my dj @djfellin from Luxury Life Entertainement and Jason from @cabana_life_concerts for putting this project together. Though she preferred to keep her "private life private", Aaliyah's relationships were not stopped from being the subject of media speculation.Additionally, several of those involved with her have revealed aspects of the relationships, speaking fondly about their time with her.

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S15/EP99 Singer Ginuwine tells Andy Cohen about hooking up with Claudia Jordan back in the day when she was in one of his music videos and he also says that he could tell Beyonce would become a solo artist.Last month, it seemed that romance might blossom between Ashley and the 47-year-old Pony singer after they developed a close bond in the house.Ashley even told FUBAR Radio that she and the musician were "just trying to spend time together" after their eviction.She said last month: "He was a rock in the house and it was a nice unexpected thing to have someone you have chemistry with."I didn't want any type of showmance but I think it came across as genuine, as it was." Ashley was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother in a semi-final triple eviction.

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