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If your goldfish doesn't have enough space to grow to his full size, he will likely die before you notice that the environment is not large enough.Even if your fish does survive in an environment that is too small, other problems are likely.Two facilitators might act out planned good practice or planned bad practice in the centre of the goldfish bowl to start the exercise off.The time taken will depend on the nature of the role-play exercise.

Encourage individual participants to make an action plan around what they have learnt from participating in the role-play or through observing, and record their learning in their personal portfolios.Goldfish sold as "tank suitable" will grow to about 10 inches while those sold as "pond suitable" will reach a maximum of about 18 inches.The size of your tank should be based on the size the fish will be when he is completely grown.The size of your goldfish's environment, along with other factors, will affect growth.It's a myth, however, that goldfish grow only as large as their environment.

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