Google ical calendar not updating

usp=drive_web The script parses the ics/ical file and creates events on a calendar based on that using Google Apps Script's version of the Google Calendar API.Hopefully this helps you and someone who might see this in the future I have noticed it may now take several days before changes are reflected.We understand that some users want to have the ability to refresh the calendars they added manually and we are exploring various ways to enable this.

And you must always sync your i Phone calendar with these calendar services. However, sometimes, you may come across an annoying issue that is i Phone calendar not syncing at all after i OS 12/11 update. In the Calendar app, go to Calendars and drag the screen down for a refresh. Besides, it even allows you to sync data from one i Cloud to another i Cloud account directly. With many calendars being integrated into the Cloud, these settings (X-PUBLISHED-TTL and REFRESH-INTERVAL) no longer work on Google Calendar and many newer versions of Outlook. If you think about it, Google and Outlook likely and intentionally ignore any specified refresh rate to prevent DNS attacks.Basically, with millions of integrated calendars in their systems, some people could set a refresh rate every second and if they obey these settings, it could crash their servers.Now open the calendar app on your phone and you should see all the appointments from those calendars listed under My Calendars.Before I get into how to sync the other calendars, let me give you one more quick tip.

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