Heath ledger dating britney spears

Heath Ledger Brokeback Mountain promotional photo Ledger was originally believed he died at an apartment owned by Mary-Kate Olsen, but later the NYPD denied.Heath's Body Removed from the Building (via) “It was with great sadness that I have learned of the passing of Heath Ledger.

She said: “We all went to Paris for another fashion party a couple of weeks later.

She said she saw the pair using cocaine when Ledger first found Hollywood success.

She said: “When I was working for Naomi I saw Heath do drugs a few times.

The second time he came up all three of us spent a night doing coke in her bungalow. We were there for five or six hours.” She also saw Ledger’s wild side at parties hosted by P.

DIDDY, who now calls himself SEAN JOHN after his clothing line, though the rapper is well known for his aversion to drugs.

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