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Curiosity, persistence, flexibility, priority, creativity, collaboration, revision, and even the classic Habits of Mind are all great places to start. So often what students learn from those around them is less directly didactic, and more indirect and observational. (Assuming we were studying the same thing and you could decide and have access to anything), where would you start tomorrow?

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But sometimes, you don’t want to change the range to table, and the above method is not available in Excel 2003 or earlier version.Alternatively, students could actually tweet them (assuming they have accounts they don’t mind publishing academic content in, as well as smartphones, access to Wi Fi, and so on). You could also use the questions as journal prompts, or as discussion questions as well. Are there any quick tricks to help you auto update a chart when you add new data to an existing chart range in Excel?Auto update a chart after entering new data with creating a table Auto update a chart after entering new data with dynamic formula You may be familiar to view multiple webpages in Firefox/Chrome/IE, and switch between them by clicking corresponding tabs easily.

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