Hong kong dating advertisement

‘Personal data’ is defined as anything that will enable a living person to be identified.This certainly includes the officially allocated number of any personal identifying documentary publication such as a national passport or national identity card.On the whole, the internal self-regulation of the advertising industry through the 4As Code has, over many years, proved itself to result in a well-moderated discipline of approach and outreach and works well.What avenues are available for competitors to challenge advertising?The Broadcasting Ordinance specifically provides that the internet is not a television programme service and therefore not a broadcasting service requiring a licence.Controls on the advertising of solicitation of investment opportunities is controlled by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

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This includes any invitation communicated by way of advertisement.

Equally, controls on the advertising of investment opportunities by authorised institutions such as licensed banks are controlled by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), which coordinates its regulatory function with those of the SFC in respect of the compulsory registration and licensing with the SFC of all authorised financial institutions under the general control of the HKMA.

The Home Affairs Department of the Hong Kong government exercises control over a range of specific potential advertisement outreach in the products and services specifically set out below. Penalties are provided for under specific ordinances exercising control over advertisement outreach and as addressed in more detail below.

What are the principal statutes regulating advertising generally?

Hong Kong has always valued total freedom of expression.

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