Inbox always show updating folder

You will always have it in your folder list, but will not waste any battery power automatically keeping it in sync.Now, in order to make use of the folder Class assignment, it is necessary to adjust two settings in the “Account settings”: “Folder display mode” and “Folder sync mode”.

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If you're not using labels in Gmail, it's time to start.

Labels can act as folders – places to store messages instead of the inbox – or they can act just like regular labels, identifying tags that appear next to the subject line of your messages to help keep you organized.

Perhaps most confusing aspect of K-9 is the use of Classes to control the display and synchronization behavior of accounts and folders.

The goal of the Class system is to provide an easy way for a person with a large number of folders to accomplish either of these two goals: We didn’t want either use case to require going through nearly all of the folders, setting a parameter on each folder.

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