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Over the years, he has acquired a widespread and loyal following, primarily among young African-American males.Once he made his debut on the big screen with , and has also had a long history as a regular in headlined standup performance films on cable outlets like Comedy Central and HBO.Williams did well in school receiving outstanding grades and a slew of academic honors.It was late in his teens that he moved to San Francisco where he temporarily joined the Nation of Islam and honed a standup act at local nightclubs.

We know that there are conspiracies out there, but this is a conversation that encompasses a lot of things that aren't being discussed other places.

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To sum it all up Kat Dennings fully frontal photos are juicy and if you watched the 40 Year Old Virgin movie or Thor then we always wanted to see her naughty side.

He had a role as Money Mike in Friday After Next, had a stint on Wild 'n Out, portrayed Bobby Shaw in My Wife and Kids, provided the voice of A Pimp Named Slickback in The Boondocks, Seamus in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, and portrayed Lord Have Mercy in Norbit.

In 2008, he voiced himself in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

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