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But how would you respond to women who feel this way?

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Being in an interracial relationship doesn’t make you Black.One White woman used social media to blast a few Black men who are fans of #teamswirl.But before we go any further, to be clear, Tiffany Jolene has no issue with interracial dating, but she does have an issue with Black men who date White women because they are “more submissive.” Peep what she said on Facebook below: “If your primary reason for dating White women is because you’re under the self centered delusion that they are more ‘submissive’ and understanding of your inherent refusal to get your s*** together without the help of a romantic partner, I am not the Caucasian for you,” said Tiffany Jolene in a Facebook post.It’s time to have an honest, open discussion about interracial relationships.No, I don’t mean gabbing about the latest drama between Olivia and Fitz.

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