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The Federal Constitution is the legal foundation of the Confederation.

It contains the most important rules for the functioning of the Confederation and it guarantees the basic rights of the people and the participation of the public.

Every new bill must be debated and approved by both chambers.

The route to a new law is a complex and lengthy one.

d) The Federal Supreme Court (Judiciary) The Swiss Federal Supreme Court consists of 30 judges and 15 substitute judges who are elected by the Federal Assembly.

The Federal Supreme Court is the final instance of appeal for civil as well as criminal cases.

In 1960 it joined the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and in 2000 the Swiss people accepted a combined set of seven bilateral agreements with the European Union. Federal Level a) In General According to the Federal Constitution, the political structure of Switzerland consists of three different political levels: the Confederation, the cantons and the local authorities.

This principle still plays a major role today: Changes of the Federal Constitution must be approved by a majority of the people as well as of the cantons.

The process normally consists of the following stages: the initiative stage, the drafting stage, the verification stage, the final decision stage and the entry into force.

It is important to note that in almost all cases a new bill is not introduced by parliamentarians, but by the Federal Council.

It was not before 1848 that the federation of autonomous cantons was replaced by a true constitutional democracy with a federal structure and an independent judiciary.

The first federal constitution of 1848 was soon replaced by a second one in 1874.

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