Itouch 1 1 4 error when updating

He said there was some type of crash with the Itunes store that is causing the problem with the download of 2.2.Tried on a Vista run computer and the same thing happened....going to give up for tonight...maybe tomorrow will be better...SO it shows this file is critical...finished above para AM 12 March 2009.. Lets see That is working or not, if that is not working I will must say that One should give .95 to apple and purchase the update...If I m successfull, I will say your many many hours of work, As I m going to hit 10th hours or working on the same issue... PM 12 March 09Volia....As per announcement of Apple at Rock and Roll event i Tunes 9, i Phone OS 3.1 for i Phone and i Pod touch and new line of i Pod Touch are available.You can download latest version of i Tunes 9 for free and i Phone users can update to firmware 3.1 for free unfortunately i Pod Touch users need to pay .95 to upgrade to firmware 3.1.and the file is supposed to be 250 mb or 248 somewhere around there but that download is only a few hundred kb, and sadly the first link doesnt work for me so if anyone could help me out on that?

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The radipshare link to the firmware download is an exe file and contains up to three trojan virus's.

Thought I'd warn some of you b4 u download tht one, because there are safer downloads of the file elsewhere.

I got FW 2.0 on the ipod touch...aaaah at last ...ufffffthis was the problem...

So guys if you are on 1.1.4 Firma Ware and want to upgrade on 2.x.x or want to come to the series 2.o, you need 2.0 FW ( As it is paid ) hahhaha Anyways Now I m on FW 2.0..getting ready for 2.2.1 hahahhah... PMahhh but great apps are not taking 2. AM 13 March 2009The myth about the i Pod generation cleared completly..

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