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It might have even sparked a generative conversation.

This introspection got me thinking about how important and rare it is that we talk about these sensitive subjects without anger or fear clouding the communication.

By: Amy Logan Founder & CEO, Gender Innovation Though I doubt it was the first rape joke I heard, the first I remember was told by a stand-up comedian at a comedy show in 1988.

He said the reason guys have female friends is because they’re just waiting until she gets drunk someday to get in her pants. I felt queasy but, at 21, didn’t recognize what that signal meant. After the show, “Dave” the comedian came over to talk to me.

I think it's because guys feel like being funny is a tool they can use when picking up / meeting / dating a girl to impress her, or get her to like him, and it's a little intimidating when the person on the other side of the line has your secret weapon too.__So the verdict appears to be "kind of, but mostly no." What do you guys think?

Do you ever feel like you tone down your sense of humor just to let the guy you're in a relationship with be the funny one?

If I could talk to him about rape, I could talk to anybody. Just sending him that message without any shred of rage left in my heart – just curiosity – was empowering enough.As someone who is considered funny enough by at least three people to make a living doing it, I have always wondered whether the old "women like men who make them laugh; men like women who laugh at their jokes" thing might be reversible.Personally, while I enjoy casually dating comedians/other professional joke-makers, I tend to fall harder for the "straight man" type, which fits with the aforementioned mating dichotomy.It becomes a back and forth, a game, trying to out-funny each other. There's biting funny, which can be imposing whether it's a guy or a woman. Guy III: I wouldn't say funny women are intimidating, I think it's a huge-turn on, but if they are (a) way funnier than you or (b) being funny by way of making fun of you, it can be somewhat disconcerting.Plus, it's hot when a girl can laugh at herself or you--I like women who bust balls. Granted, I think my girlfriend is the only girl I've dated who I would say is really funny, and the fact that she is more clever than I am most of the time, that just makes her the charming one of our couple.

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