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How many months without hearing the words 'I Love You'? The answer will differ for each individual, but in my case I know that I am reaching my limit.The spiritual and emotional connection with Louise is as strong as ever but in the practical reality of day to day existence there is no real sense in which I can pretend to still live the life of a married man.But the presence of the ring, once such a comfort, is now beginning to feel increasingly incongruous. Louise has already been gone for half as long as we were together.How many nights do you have to go to bed alone before accepting that you are no longer part of a couple?Never having worn jewellery of any description before I was forever absent mindedly playing with it.

But the fact that the thought occurred to me at all signifies a growing self consciousness about my wedding ring and confusion at the meaning it now conveys.

In any case there is a sense in which I still welcome that ambiguity of my status.

It seems to accurately reflect the confused reality of widowhood; married but not married, in love but alone.

It's not the first time that I've felt self conscious about the ring.

It took months after the wedding for me to adjust to it on my finger.

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