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Apart from the great food, drinks and the incredible vibe, they even taught us to how pull our own pint of Guinness!

One of the finest open-air museums, and possibly the finest in Ireland, this site takes you about 1500 years back in time to truly discover how they people of Ireland’s prehistoric and early medieval years lived.

You might also be interested in: Great Castle Hotels to stay in Ireland After a tour of the castle we were able to experience exactly what life was like back then in rural Ireland in the Bunratty Folkpark which acted as a living, open-air museum.

For two and a half hours, you can watch a kilted piper play traditional tunes, relish in the cozy candle-lit bench-seating that replicates the medieval experience perfectly, and enjoy the night of endless medieval festivities.

First, you are greeted at the main door of the castle by an Earl’s Butter, and then you walk a little more and you’re greeted by the Ladies of the Castle who help you proceed to the Dalcassian Hall.

This is when dinner is served and you get to enjoy incredible food, mingle with guests, and have an incredible night of enjoy music of the harp, medieval chorales, and witty recounts of history – all with a goblet of mead (honey wine) in hand! Our four course meal accompanied by wine was delicious and all the staff made the whole experience unique.

In 1976 Tim Severin built this boat following the description of the manuscript and sailed across the Atlantic to the Newfoundland to prove that the boat was strong enough to make this trip possible. When you’re visiting in a city for the first time, you’re usually curious to know not only what you can do in the morning but also how lively/eventful the nightlife is – that’s completely understandable.

One of my favorite things about Shannon is that its nightlife is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

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