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I fired up my Traeger to 225 and let it get to temp.

Once the grill was ready, I placed my pork butt fat cap side down and put a meat probe in it to monitor the temp.

While waiting for the pork to reach 160, every hour or so I grabbed a spray bottle filled with apple juice and and sprayed the pork for extra moisture.

Once the internal temp hit 160 I took the pork out and placed it on some heavy duty aluminum foil.

First things first, I used a roughly 8lb bone-in Boston Butt/Pork Shoulder and when I got it home I trimmed up a lot of the excess fat on the outside, leaving just a thin fat cap.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There is,,,,,,,,,, teenhitchhikers4

As I mentioned in my review of my new Traeger Renegade Pro, I was having a hell of a time getting a consistent temp during this 8 1/2 hour cook, but I still had great results.

Everything I read said to cook at 225 degrees, so that was the plan.

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