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I'm a good listener to the one who is open to shear with me. My future partner is a real woman with strong personality.

She is a real lady, true friend, caring wife and a passionate lover.

First makes it easy to meet Madagascar singles by connecting them through their mutual friends and interests.Spotting lemurs in the forest is certainly memorable but is that any better than the unique rock formations of the Grand Tsingy or the sheer pleasure of watching country life as you drive between reserves? A large incentive for any trip to Madagascar is to view the lemurs Memorable parts? Prepare for more dragging than floating on the canoe trip (May 2017). An amazing experience in a unique country with a few surprises.Also, carry more local currency than you expect as Euro are rarely accepted and tipping is strongly encouraged. The trip is filled with a varied and extremely interesting itinerary that includes amazing landscapes and unique wildlife. I can't name that one and only moment I have to say. Not only the work but also the people I had the pleasure to meet. I was camping the first time in my life and did some research beforehand. The next time I would definitely bring a bigger tent and 2 very strong head torches. Seeing the lemurs in the forest and watching them playing around like our children was fantastic, but most exciting was how different the culture and scenery was to ours in the UK. Madagascar is a very poor developing country, you can't expect things like at home, but keepan open mind and enjoy the...My tent was ok for 2 weeks but for a longer period it would be to small. We canoed for two days, negotiated rapids and camped at night on the sandy banks beside the river.

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