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So, when I am done with an event, it would be a product improvement that the bins stack together in a compact manner to transport.I need to have 8 bins, so this is taking up a lot of room in my van when I go to events.I purchased these at my local store to help organize my 12 inch rolls of vinly and other Cricut supplies.I am pretty sure I received a set that was defective due to the fact that it was hard to align all the holes/legs without the lower basket not staying connected to the other lower baskets.They would be perfect If it wasn’t for that which is the whole point of getting them because they are supposed to be stackable.If you need storage just pay the extra money and buy something more long term and sturdy.It's made of rugged plastic for exceptional stability.

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I didn't want to get a large dresser and for my closet so I used these and they hold a lot and work perfect.

I bought them to use in my 2 yr old son’s playroom and if he even leans on them slightly they pop out of place.

I still love their look and they are big enough to fit a good amount of his smaller toys so I’m keeping them but I will just be annoyed at having to put them back together all the time.

It's formed of durable yet soft plastic, making it a lightweight choice for carting loads to and from the washer.

Integrated handles are easy to grab and comfortable to carry. Description: It's almost too pretty to be a laundry basket!

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