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When Hal Stewart was cameraman of news reporter Roxanne Ritchi, he clearly had a crush on her, but his attempts at flirting with Roxanne only made her very uncomfortable.While Roxanne was snooping around the headquarters of the supervillain known as Megamind, Hal accidentally got hit by Megamind's serum, which gave him the powers of the seemingly deceased superhero Metro Man.After re-hydrating instantly, Megamind used the defuser gun to remove all of the unearned powers from Tighten, rendering him powerless for good.

Megamind decided to defeat Destruction Worker, Psycho Delic and Hot Flash at the Downtown, Midtown and Uptown sections of Metro City.

Tighten apparently crushed him with the radio tower, but he turned out to be Megamind's right-hand man, Minion, in disguise.

Tighten nearly killed Roxanne by shoving a bus, but Metro Man suddenly appeared, splitting the bus into two, saving Roxanne.

However, Megamind believed that Hal was ready, and gave him a red-and-white suit and the name 'Titan', which Hal misinterpreted as 'Tighten'.

The first thing 'Tighten' did was kidnap Roxanne under the pretense of 'rescuing' her, dropping her several times only to catch her again.

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