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His reno-reality shows, Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, and his latest endeavor Holmes Makes It Right, air in multiple countries around the world, built upon the premise of Mike’s “Make it Right” credo.

Michael James Holmes was born in Canada on August 3, 1963.

In this comedy series, comedians look in as real single people go on blind first dates, and the comedians offer witty commentary about the awkward mishaps that inevitably occur.

It might not be fun for the singles, but it's nonstop hilarity for the comedians and viewers.

Fueled by a larger-than-life personality, Holmes is the powerhouse behind a media empire that encompasses several award-winning television series, syndicated newspaper columns, bestselling books, DVDs, magazines, and his own line of personal protective equipment manufactured by 3M.

Dubbed “Canada’s most trusted contractor,” his reputation for quality, integrity and honesty have international appeal.

Alter, Mike became recognized in Canada’s House of Commons for his promotion of skilled trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards in 2006.

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Mike Holmes is the national spokesperson for Skills/Compétences Canada and for World Skills Calgary 2009. The broadcast on HGTV Canada, ‘Holmes on Homes’ first started in 2001.Additionally, the residents of Winnipeg were not happy with one of the projects that Mike was part of during 2013.Currently, there are no rumors concerning Mike’s life and career. He has a huge number of followers on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. In addition, he has more than 80k followers on Instagram.[on 'Holmes Makes it Right'] It isn't just about a television show and teaching people.It's about so many different things to do with the environment of your life, your home, your family. If we start teaching why we do things a certain way, as opposed to how, we're going to have a much better generation of contractors out there.

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