Ms sql updating one table from another

It is different again from SQL Server's own UPDATE.. ACE/Jet has its own quirky and flawed ed values to be scalar and it is free to silently use an arbitrary value.If any of the tables contains an Identity column, the new column in the destination table will inherit the Identity property without the need to turn on the Identity_Insert.

In order to go through each one of these methods, we will consider the below scenario: one, we can use the Select into SQL statement.ACE/Jet forces you to either learn its quirky non-portable ways or to use an alternative SQL product.Sorry to sound negative: the ACE/Jet engine is a great piece of software but UPDATE syntax is absolutely fundamental and the fact it hasn't been changed since the SQL-92 Standard really show its age.If any one of these conditions mentioned is true, the column will be created with Not null property instead of inheriting the required Identity property.To overcome this Identity issue, you can use the Identity SQL function in the select statement to create the Identity column.

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