Multiple dating

For me, dating is about getting to know someone’s personality, values, and morals, and sex can be introduced into the equation once we decide to be in a committed, exclusive relationship.I’m obviously not in a relationship with any of the men I’m seeing, so sex isn’t even on the table.I like it better this way and that’s why I’m not sorry about keeping a roster of men lined up.I have a better chance of finding a long-term partner.It’s been ingrained in my mind that multi-dating is bad, taboo, and a sure-fire way to screw up my chances of finding “The One.” But after putting all of my eggs into one basket by dating one guy at a time on my quest to find Mr.Right, I decided to change my approach and it’s actually pretty great. I’m convinced multi-dating was invented by a man, and if guys are OK with seeing multiple women at the same time then why should I feel bad about flipping the script and doing the same?I’m on my quest to find the amazing relationship that I desire, and any man that I’m dating has to be OK with that. Before I became comfortable with dating more than one man at a time, I’d stay in relationships and situations with the wrong guys for way too long.Deep down, I was scared of being alone and starting all over so I’d keep seeing the same man over and over again even though I knew things would never work out.

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Great, now I'm just dating one person like a commoner.

However, if a guy I’m seeing asks me if I’m seeing other people, I tell him the truth right away.

There’s no need for me to keep it a secret that I’m seeing more than one person.

All isn’t lost, and who wouldn’t want to make more friends anyway? When I opened myself up to multi-dating, I also decided I would give a guy a chance even if he wasn’t the type of guy I’d usually go for.

By ignoring my preconceived height requirements and other superficial characteristics I previously looked for, I was encountering more men who aligned with all the items that were on my mental “must-have” list. I don’t go around shouting from the rooftops that I’m a serial multi-dater.

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