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Now what i needed i closed the door and i moved in the chair and kept on telling her you are so beautiful now u must be the eye of every boys in school even now u have so nice face so maintained figure…and at sudden she stops me and ask what is this figure u always keep on telling me the same thing? And she just with some doubtful lustful smile asked me you haven’t seen them in real they are always covered how can you say they are good? I also leaving no time got on her and unhooked her bra from backside in first attempt…and now there were the heavenly boobs rock hard with the black nipples pointing at my dick…I started playing with them and sucking them vigorously for about 15 minutes and then my aunt said aren’t you going to something else or u’ll just remain here…then I went down to her mature pussy I could smell her cunt…oh so womanly smell I just rubbed my hands on her pussy from outside the panty and she was closing her eyes with some soft moans…aaahhhh..ahhhh.asked me to open her panty I did so and I could she there was so dense jungle usually I don’t like hairy pussy…And more it was so wet so I didn’t liked to lick her pussy and played the outer lips with my hand and slowly I started teasing her hole putting my hands around it but not letting it in…she was now shouting oh…yes…aahhaaa..ahhhhh.caught my hand and slid it deep inside in a single shot and just moved her ass…backward and told me.This blog contains lots of true very erotic nepali sex stories.You guys can enjoy this nepali sex stories sites so much.I will try my best to give upto date footage for this nepali sex sto.If you guy have any true nepali sex stories then you guys can post me.

I had just made my knee to near her pussy and she just remained numb saying nothing I could understand she liked and I was to proceed more that my cousin entered and took me to his room to show his new clothes and I had leave from there and after seeing his new clothes I felt I was late and told aunty I need to leave and will tell you how beautiful u are I will tell you tomorrow wait for me and be prepared…hearing this she was little shocked and smiling. then i told everything but she insisted me to say the things clear and i said not much as u used to cover your body with petticoat but as your petticoat used to get wet i could she little of these and pointed to her boobs.

I just used to see her and come to my bathroom and take out my dick out and play with it thinking of her and just waste my juices in the floor.

I never got much time to spend with her as she used to be busy in her household but later when my 12th standard board exams was ended she asked to help her in her Bachelor exam as she was a government student and arts(health) was not a great thing for me so I said I would assist her and was very happy inside thinking now I will get more time to spend with her and used to go her house regularly I used to go even in the previous days but to meet my cousins now I used to go for her and first few days passed normal but later I could see herself putting a lot of notice in me she complemented me about my body and the dresses I wore….

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