No credit card or upgrades or subscription free adult chat and cams

Stripe uses a process called ‘Tokenization’ to secure your credit card details. A: No one, not even you will be able to see the full credit card details as we do not store this information.

Chatfuel utilizes Stripe to process payments - one of the largest and most secure internet payment providers.

Upgrade to Pro is available for bots connected to a Facebook page: the plan will be associated with that page even if you connect another bot to it.

Q: What do “reachable users” and “subscribers” mean?

A: All people who have ever interacted with the bot are bot users.

There are two types of users: reachable and blocked ones.

This means they can continue interacting with the bot and receiving broadcasts.

A: Answer a few questions in our Messenger bot and we’ll find a solution.

He’s also charged an Estimated Fee of (the price of 10,000 users) to pay for the upcoming billing cycle.

In total, Dave pays 0 on August 15 to cover the previous billing cycle’s Adjustment Fee (due to user growth) and the upcoming month’s Estimated Fee.

If you don’t connect another bot to the same page before your next Payment Date, your Pro Plan subscription will be terminated (your card will not be charged at the time of termination).

This way, you can keep reconnecting cloned versions of your bot, or other bots to the same page and your Pro Plan subscription for the page will remain active.

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