Nudist camp sex

Our parents were fairly open with both of us, and we talked about the trip before we made a final decision.

My mom and dad certainly seemed enthusiastic, and Erin was all in favor of the trip; especially when they started telling her about the camp.

The four weeks that my family spent at the camp seemed to race by, and it was all too soon that we had to return to “the real world” in Savannah.

Every summer after that, we spent several weeks at “Aunt Susan’s.” There was only one hiccup in our family routine over the next few years.

So I’ve broken it into volumes that are each about the size of a normal book. The summer after I finished sixth grade, we went on a vacation that would change my life forever.

And it did provide me with some wonderful fantasy material for masturbating, whenever I could find the time alone; which was as often as I could, those first couple of weeks.I sulked, in the self-centered way only a twelve-year-old can, and my parents wisely let me stew about things for a few days. She obviously couldn’t fathom why I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to go to such a fun place. A few days later, my mom brought the subject up again, when we were alone in the kitchen.I guess she knew she’d have a better chance if Erin weren’t around to pester me.- Nick ✧ ✧ ✧ I hung up the receiver and sat in silence for several moments, looking at the note I’d written on the pad next to the phone. My sister and I knew our parents slept in the nude, and they’d sometimes sunbathe nude in our fenced-in back yard. My father was a pilot for an air charter company, and my mother was what would now be called a stay-at-home Mom.

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