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Do not attempt to confront your psychopath, or schedule a group intervention. As much as you might like to warn others about the psychopath… The sad truth is that psychopaths are masters at spinning truth and accusations into counterattacks laser targeted at you and your weaknesses that will leave you wondering what happened and asking, “Why me?

Once the psychopath realizes that you are avoiding them, not participating or interacting with them and have become un-scammable, they will (if they haven’t already) begin to bad-mouth you if they feel you might have knowledge of their psychopathy.You are going to need someone in your corner to keep you focused on your ongoing health both psychologically and physiologically because in the event that the psychopath is unwilling to let you go peacefully, things could get very ugly indeed.You might think that your friends will comprise a good support system…Payne Dave Head Dean Gil Barry Dee Flower Dia Rhea Dick Aiken Dick Alred Dick Army Dick Assman Dick Beiter Dick Bender Dick Beninya Dick Brain Dick Burns Dick Bush Dick Butkus Dick Cheese Dick C. Snatch Dick Nose Dick Payne Dick Pole Dick Pound Dick Raasch Dick Ramdass Dick Rasch Dick Schwab Dick Scott Wood Dick Seaman Dick Slocumb Dick Smack Dick Stick Dick Struck Dick Sucker Dick Swett Dick Swollan Dick Tater Dick Trickle Dick Wacker Dick Wad Dick Weed Dick Zucker Dickie Chew Dill Doe Dirk E. Tweenerlegs Dixon Butts Dixon Cox Dixon Hand Dixon Kuntz Dixon Myezz Don Keedix Doug Mc Cockin Dougie Style Drew Peacock Hans Omaicok Hans Updeskirt Harry A. Hole Issac Cox Issac Dick Iva Biggin Ivan Itchinanus Ivan Kutchakokov Ivan Yerkinov Ivana Cumalot Ivana Fucku Ivana Phuckalot Ivanna Gitof Ivana Gifa Laccio Ivana Hafsechs Madam Dick Burns Madam Dick Itches Madame Cocburns Madame Crotch Madame Dick Burns Manley Balls Manaj A. Tutchem Maya Achinballs Mel Ester Mia Buttreeks Michael Toris Mike Hawk Mike Hockertz Mike Hunt Mike Littisore Mike Litoris Mike Ockinyu Mike Oxawopper Mike Oxhard Mike Oxlittle Mike Oxlong Mike Oxsbig Mike Oxtinx Mike Rotch Mike Rotchburns Miles Long Miles Long P Hole P. Butt Phillip Herpanties Adolf Hernipples Adolf Maweeny Adolf Miweiner Adolph Allersnatch Anita Wong Dick B. Ho Bjorn Wiffabiggun Charming Ho Chu Mi Goo Dwana Fuk Ho Lee Fock Hung Whell I.Normus Dick Cranium Dick Cumming Dick Cumoff Dick Daily Dick Eder Dick Encider Dick Face Dick Finder Dick Fitzintite Dick Fitzinwell Dick Gozinya Dick Handler Dick Head Dick Hertz Dick Holder Dick Hungwell Dick Hunter Dick Hyman Dick Johnson Dick Kisser Dick Less Dick Lipps Dick Little Dick Long Dick Myaz Dick N. Ness Harry Asscrack Harry Azcrac Harry Azzol Harry Balls Harry Ballsack Harry Ballsonya Harry Balzac Harry Balzitch Harry Beaver Harry Cox Harry Dick Hunter Harry Dix Harry Dong Harry Johnson Harry Kuntz Harry Nutt Harry P. Twaa Manny Kanblo Martha Fokker Master Bates Mat Sterbator Matt Sterbate Maud R. Rippatitsoff Ima Slutzky Iva Hugh Jhog Ivan Vankenhoff Ivan Yakinoff Ivanna Goodfuk Ivas Vankenhoff Ivor Hugh Jardon Iwan A.

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