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Stanger hasn’t met Sheltraw yet, but she sizes him up for the audience. But he doesn’t approach women at all, he tells her.“I have probably walked up to two people in my lifetime,” he says. “A common syndrome for good-looking people, male or female, is that when they’re really that good-looking at a very young age and they grow up like that, they never have to work for it,” she says.On each episode, Stanger sets up two of her millionaire clients, usually two men, handpicking about a dozen potential women for them to choose from before asking each to settle on one for a full-fledged date.Beforehand, and at the outset of each episode, she reviews a one-minute introductory videotape the men have submitted; then she sets off to meet them in person.They’re allowed two “mini dates,” or five-minute conversations, with their favorite women, and one “master date,” a proper date that the TV audience will watch unfold.Some matches work, some don’t, but Stanger likes to say that all her clients learn something.

But she admitted that she enjoyed “watching Patti rather savagely describe what’s wrong with these guys and why they have trouble getting and keeping themselves in real relationships.” She concluded by asking whether she could “continue to watch this show and write for Stanger gets this sort of approbation from men and women alike because she’s demanding of both sexes.

She often talks of doing a “mitzvah,” or a good deed, for a client, or of finding his “bashert,” a Yiddish term that means literally “destiny” but is colloquially used to refer to one’s divinely predestined soul mate.

Stanger is part of a tradition of socially conservative and, in fact, Jewish voices in pop culture that acknowledge fundamental differences between the sexes and call for a standard of conduct to govern the relationship between them. Laura Schlessinger, who talks openly about her conservative politics and traditional values. Drew Pinsky, who for years now has used his various radio and television platforms to criticize the hook-up culture and warn about the dangers of casual sex. Feminism, Careerism, and Secularism Are to Blame Stanger is neither particularly political nor particularly religious.

These are the sorts of unwritten cultural norms that the feminist movement did away with and that, on her show, Stanger is trying to put back in place.

This might make her the most powerful messenger of conservative social values in popular culture, at least when it comes to sex and romance, although most social conservatives have probably never heard of her.

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