Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property

El siguiente ejemplo está construido en el siguiente entorno: Una de las muchas ventajas de Maven es que estandariza la estructura de los proyectos, es decir, cualquier persona con conocimientos de Maven tendría facilidad de comprender como se estructura y dónde está cada cosa dentro del proyecto.

Using soap UI we send the following SOAP message: Our web service responds back with the following SOAP message: If we remove the Timestamp element from the client, the web responds back with an exception: If we remove the Username Token instead, the web service replies: If the username or password is incorrect, we get the following exception instead: Our web service has been secured but this doesn't mean it's fool-proof. There are many numerous variables that needs to be considered.In this tutorial we will explore how to add WS-Security using XWSS in an existing Spring-WS application.We will secure our web service using Spring's Xws Security Interceptor.What we did is add a Xws Security Interceptor inside the sws-interceptors element: Then we declared a bean Simple Password Validation Callback Handler referenced as callback Handler: Inside the Xws Security Interceptor we referenced a security Policy.xml, which is located an the WEB-INF/ folder: The security contains a list of actions to be performed when an incoming message has arrived. The Require Timestamp and Require Username Token means that the web service expects an Timestamp and Username Token from the incoming message. When the web service replies back, it will add a timestamp and username tokens as well. These tools can help you test your Web service applications.This is indicated by the elements xwss: Timestamp and xwss: Username Token. - soapui is a desktop application for inspecting, invoking and testing (functional and load) of web services over HTTP.

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