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While redesigning the App Stores apps for i OS 6, Apple left out the podcasts section from the i Tunes app.Many have speculated that Apple was building a separate app for podcasts, and it looks like those rumors are true, as Apple just released their new podcast app today for i OS.They might be driving, we could be competing with other things.And so we just have to be mindful that the story has to be really well told and gripping.” The team is delighted to work with the BBC World Service, Tungekar said.But there remain instances like this that continue to remind me: This whole thing is still so weirdly fragile and cobbled together.And I find that reality, for as long as it remains true, oddly endearing.That was already a challenge with season two, and with this, we’re cutting it down even further.” The radio series will also contain new reporting on Flowers’ recent Supreme Court battle, he said. Those latest audience figures show that India and Nigeria are the biggest countries for the network, with Kenya and Afghanistan also big audiences.

Podcasts app is the easiest way to discover, subscribe to and play your favorite podcasts on your i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch.

Temporary is temporary, though, and depending on how long this absence goes, the lack of that educational reference point might not be much of an issue in the larger scheme of things.

Still, it’s pretty darn strange to pull up the Apple Podcasts app — an unquestionably fundamental pillar of the podcast ecosystem — and find the categories menu — by all accounts an important discovery and consumption management tool — completely gone like that.

(Something fun I came across while working on this piece is this graphic of the BBC World Service program clock — enjoy.) I checked in with Rehman Tungekar, an associate producer on the show, over Skype recently to find out a bit more about the process of turning a podcast with a dozen and more episodes of over 50 minutes into this new format.

It’s not just a case of editing down the more lengthy material, he said. I guess like the main difficulty is condensing like a year’s worth of reporting into really short digestible episodes.

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