Port harcourt dating site

A lot of galleries offer art lessons where you can get creative and learn new arts and crafts, like pencil drawing, batik making, applique art and more.There are several art lessons you can book, and you’ll leave with new skills and the art pieces you created.Port Harcourt has a large Muslim population, so read up on Islamic customs before you move to the city so that you know what to expect.As a sign of respect, knees and shoulders should for example remain covered at all times when in public, so invest in some breathable linen clothing to see you through the hot and humid summers.

You’ll learn more about the country’s many, diverse cultures and you’ll get closer to your partner.If your date is the adventurous type, particularly if you live near the ocean (Port Harcourt, Calabar or Lagos), you could rent a boat and spend a day at sea.You could try your luck at fishing (a romantic dinner can follow with your fresh catch), or go snorkeling and discover the beauty under water.English is still the main language spoken in Nigeria, although many Nigerians will speak a tribal language such as Hausa or Igbo as well.Before moving to Port Harcourt, learn a few words in each of the local tribal languages so that you can impress your new neighbors with your interest in their culture.

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