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It’s painful to think of all the opportunities that have slipped through your fingers, isn’t it?To know that someone else got their way and you didn’t.This power packed report could be worth at least then you can have every single penny of your money back. You don’t ever want to experience those depressing emotions ever again, do you? When you read this book you will discover: When you read these shocking volumes you will be astounded at how powerful and yet so seemingly simple these 7 secrets are.

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Perhaps the most valuable benefit you will gain is the who can get people to do what you want - that is, quite simply, priceless...Like one of the great persuaders I studied, Dave Lakhani, so eloquently put it… The difference between persuasion and manipulation is intent.However, on this one occasion I have persuaded the group to allow an exception.People who want to train with me in person and attend one of my seminars pay over 00 for one ticket.Corporations have to pay me a minimum 00 a day if they want me to train their people. I’m sure you can remember what it feels like to know you have missed out an opportunity.

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