Promoting safe dating handout

Read More › Beck @ Walnut Creek Amphitheater I know a few people who skipped this show because of rain. This would be number two of seven that did not get held back, postponed or canceled due to severe weather for me at Walnut Creek this year. Read More › by Lee Ann Riddle All parents know that what is appropriate for one child may not be suitable for another child.This is also true with respect to the toys kids play with.

Sex-ed for older generations focused on avoiding pregnancy — and might even have recommended abstinence.

You can help break the silence by educating yourself and celebrating your sexuality.

If our doctors are comfortable discussing consistency of stool samples with us, we can talk about sex!

Be your own health advocate and ask to be tested for STIs and HIV.

Do it at the doctor’s office, or click here to find your closest testing locations on

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