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If you qualify for a loan with a payment you can manage and have a fairly stable financial situation, this is the way to go, Hannah said. Here’s what’s likely going on These days, unsecured lines of credit come with relatively low interest rates of 5-8 per cent.They are “a good way to consolidate debt without locking yourself into a high monthly payment,” Walkington said via email.Bankruptcy gives your creditors no choice but to write off your debt if you complete the bankruptcy requirements during the period between filing for bankruptcy and your bankruptcy discharge.

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SIGN UP FOR ERICA ALINI’S MONEY123 NEWSLETTERBut the more structured nature of term loans generally helps people stay on track, Hannah said.Credit counselling is most appropriate for those who owe less than ,000 and have difficulty with budgeting and other essential elements of financial management.That is because the education you receive with credit counselling will teach you everything you need to know about getting your spending under control.Because debt settlement and credit counselling do not force the hand of your creditors, they do not usually have the same impact on your credit report as bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.Both bankruptcy and the consumer proposal are recorded on your credit report for many more years—up to seven—than either a settlement or credit counselling, which makes the long-term financial impact far more drastic and negative on your credit.

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