Rasia dating

But what Russia didn’t expect was that Georgia had these sophisticated antiaircraft systems that were just blowing Russian planes out of the sky. And when Russia started looking into this, they discovered that it was Ukraine that had secretly sold these weapons systems to Georgia in advance of the war. He became incredibly angry and vowed to find the people that were responsible for providing Georgia these weapons.

He rents an apartment on the first floor of an old Soviet-style building.

But whoever it was, that person made a huge mistake. We know that all of them had some connection to the Georgian war.

But it was really hard to find anything, specifically, about their involvement. Several I found named in books about the war that were written by Russian authors.

There were six names on the list, each with addresses and dates of birth.

And each of the names on the list was given a code name, the name of a flower in Russian.

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