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You just need to keep looking for the right fit and sometimes that’s timing.In my first book, ‘Dating from the Inside Out’ I discuss how often we’re attracted to dates who unconsciously remind us of our opposite-sex parent.So, if you’re you’re very complimentary and shy but your date’s mom was aggressive and critical, he may not be attracted to you because you aren’t like his mom!Why someone rejects you often is more about We think that lifetime love should come quickly and easily, like in the movies.The suffering that comes with this type of rejection is considerably harder than in most other types.Interestingly, many people tend to love and desire those who aren’t as passionate about them.Although rejection often isn’t about you, there are times when dating provides an opportunity to learn about yourself.Many of us have defensive dating styles that protect us from getting hurt in love and these can push people away.

Phil as he is commonly called), rejection is the number one fear among human beings.Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy.One of the hardest things about dating is rejection.But today you may have to write 15 online dates before arranging a meeting.Normalizing these odds will remind you that most singles have to do their due diligence. If there are no red flags, it’s good to give everyone 3 dates. If you don’t like to be rejected, maybe you should consider whether you say ‘no’ to dates due to preconceived notions. You could be passing over someone great without taking the time to really get to know them.

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