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Some fans also think that Di Caprio is too unattractive for the gorgeous Rihanna, who’s never captured in her worst.There’s another person who’s also not a huge fan of Rih Caprio.This is a uniquely German music, their version of pop but more sentimental.80s stars such as Matthias Reim (see video) continue to churn out concerts and albums, demonstrating its enduring popularity. But even if you can’t make it to one, just tune in to any German radio station. Party capital In the 1980s, amidst rising cold war tensions, West Berlin was an oasis of pleasure and sin.The two have been rumored to been dating for only a couple of months, and sources close to the entertainers say that Rihanna loves staying at Di Caprio’s mansion in Los Angeles.“Afterwards Rihanna and Leo are going to spend a few days by themselves on a yacht. Leo has been sweet and cordoned off little areas for her in the home which is just for her, like a smoke room.” is also reporting that Rihanna wants Di Caprio to meet her family in Barbados.

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Characterised by their white appearance, big soles and boot-style extension up to the ankle, sneakers were certainly distinctive. Berlin is awash in a sea of white trainers, as retro makes a comeback. Cheesy pop music Berlin might be known for its techno scene, but Germany’s music taste isn’t always so edgy.Apparently, in addition to being useful for sport, they go with any outfit. Cheesy pop songs still go down an absolute treat here.In fact, they’ve got an entire genre - Schlager music.In fact, her own spin doctor spoke of making her ‘the German Thatcher’. The rumors between Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio haven’t died down yet.

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