Rj and jackie dating

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Whatever happens, I know one thing: Starco is one of the most realistic couples that I have ever seen in fiction, and I will never forget it no matter what happens.

But if they don’t end up happily ever after, I’m gonna be so mad tomorrow morning!

However, Richie was killed by his fiancee Janice Soprano and for a time thereafter, Jackie was back on the straight and narrow.

He went back to school and tried to work hard, but was unable to do well.

Tony suggested giving Jackie a pass for the failed robbery, largely due to his feelings towards Jackie, Sr.The young, would-be stick-up men got high on "crank" (Crystal meth) and Jackie almost decided not to go through with it.Once inside things went horribly awry because Jackie had to talk, and realized Christopher knew who he was - Jackie panicked and killed "Sunshine" the dealer, Renzi was killed at the scene by Christopher, made man Furio Giunta was shot in the leg by Jackie Jr, and Matush fled in the getaway car on hearing the gunshots. barely escaped with his life by performing a quick carjacking on a woman in a Honda Accord.At this point, his mother Rosalie Aprile began a romantic relationship with Soprano capo Ralph Cifaretto.Ralph was more of a transient character in his life than a parent who was actively involved with his life or development as a young man.

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