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But the fate the audience recognizes and the fate Romeo sees as surrounding him are very different.

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He tells Balthasar to get him pen and paper (with which he writes a letter for Balthasar to give to Montague) and to hire horses, and says that he will return to Verona that night.

Through the irony of Romeo’s defiance rebounding upon himself, Shakespeare demonstrates the extreme power of fate: nothing can stand in its way.

All factors swing in its favor: the outbreak of the plague, Balthasar’s transmission of the message of Juliet’s death, and Capulet’s decision to move Juliet’s wedding date.

Balthasar says he is not, and Romeo sends his servant on his way.

Once Balthasar is gone, Romeo says that he will lie with Juliet that night. After telling the man in the shop that he looks poor, Romeo offers to pay him well for a vial of poison.

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