Rule of dating a hockey player

He and Kelly stayed in touch for two years and finally had their first date in Ottawa. Status update – Jeremy, 28, and Kelly, 24, have been together six years.

She is finishing her master’s degree in counseling and therapy in Ottawa.

Those who have attempted the “long-distance relationship” can attest to how hard it is to maintain.

For some, just a few weeks away from one another can cause a cooling off period. Three Charlotte Checkers hockey team players say with effort, long-distance relationships can succeed.

We are in love with the hockey momma style; these women prove that you can be a mom and still look incredible.

Just in time for the play-offs, we're saying "move over, soccer moms! Here are The 46 year-old has appeared in several men's entertainment magazines, and has been named as one of the world's most attractive women on several lists.

Hulse is now retired, so he can spend all of his free time with his beautiful wife and kids.

If they can’t watch their favorite shows in person, they synchronize their i Pads to a favorite such as, “Vampire Diaries”, a guilty pleasure.

They stay on Facetime, so they can talk about what just happened on the show.

Fans just can't get enough when it comes to the players' personal lives - and for good reason!

These ladies have incredible careers, and spend additional days and hours raising their children while their hockey player partners are on the road.

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