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I remember really alone and that feeling has never left me since. It sells for so little, but it's all we have left in the face of the abyss. Also, I’m prone to buying any stuffed animal at the store that has a rip in it or is dirty, since no one will buy it if I don’t and I don’t want it to feel worthless.My mother has always told me to submit and accept injustice, because life will never be fair. There may or may not be a laundry basket full of stuffed animals in my closet right now.I had to get shitfaced for Deadpool and Logan, and even then I was hiding my face half the time. I'm in a hot tub (don't worry, I have my floaties on) and I want to talk to you!So, even though I 100% *love* dramatic story-games like The Last of Us, Witcher, and Sekiro… (Also because I suck at them, but who's counting.) That does at least mean that if you stream it or play for me, I will happily be right beside you, watching, cheering, geeking out, and occasionally backseat gaming. Let's carry a conversation, flirt and talk about whatever!The internet is scary and I want to feel a little sure about who I’m talking to :)I don’t know who you are. Turn back now if you’re not into that, because I can turn a limerick into a Shakespearean epic. Because I want to find a real connection, and I feel like there’s a better chance for that if I am more of a real person to you. First things first, ~~I’m the realest~~ I’m a writer (and I don’t actually listen to Iggy Azalea).I don’t know if I will ever find someone to say this to in person, but I don’t care. I am me, and I don’t know who you are but I love you. Thanks for BEING an asshole with my formatting, other trait of Reddit that I don't know about. At least, when people are describing me, that’s often what they say.Usually I put more effort into this- feel free to lurk posting history to confirm.Just looking for someone fun to talk to riiiiight NOW!

My father drove me home and told me to find it else I will get the stick again. Except, a gently bred noblewoman isn’t going to be up for sex – she wouldn’t be used to hard travel, so her ass and thighs would be pounded into aching jelly, and not “slender and supple,” I don’t care how you justify it. Which basically means people come to chat with myself and others when they feel in danger of suicide or are otherwise in need of help.

I am very, *very* good at Tetris, and I’m an expert at pressing down-square in Tekken until I win.

I like to laugh, so I like comedy movies, and I’ll also enthusiastically be there for the opening night on any Marvel movie, provided I have the means.

I am writing this in the aftermath of yet another flashback. I’ve written no stories, published no poems, penned no scripts – but I’m pretty good with words, and I do have what I think of as a poet’s spirit.

I’ve relapsed and self harmed again even though I’ve promised not to. If you send a pic I’ll prob send a face shot sooner. I love the self motivation subs so let’s be each other’s motivation. I can feel the quickening of the earth in the crisp mornings of early spring, fireworks make me feel a sweet kind of sadness, and I’m acutely sensitive to things like the feeling of the wind playfully tousling your hair before a storm, as if to say, “Hold my beer and check this out.”As you might guess, I love to read.

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