Science connection dating site

I have met someone locally, through Science connection, whom I have grown to love very much.

Our relationship is young, but we are both old enough to know what feels 'right', and this is it." "I almost had tears in my eyes to have found you-all. After that, plus the agony of e Harmony (terrible spellers) and Chemistry, Sci Connect is a veritable oasis." "I think this is a great service you have. It's a great way for a busy woman to feel like she's doing something to meet a buddy or kindred spirit..." "...

"So I think sharing our circles of friends can be an important outgrowth of Sci Connection.

I found him, and so much more." "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Science Connection and met and corresponded with many interesting people. If this relationship doesn't work out, I will immediately sign up again." "... Not sure when [the marriage will be], but wanted you to count us among your 'success stories,' even though, if you go back and read my profile I state rather vehemently that hell would freeze over before I'd get married again, positively not, never ever again.

He tolerates my correcting anatomically incorrect sea life art (artists can be shameless, honestly) and identifying (down to genus and species, along with anatomical instruction) the seafood he tries to eat peacefully, and I tolerate his setting interesting chemical mixtures on fire to amuse my kids and alarm my neighbors.

Being outside the normal scientific community, I find it difficult to meet the people who are engaged in work I find most enjoyable and challenging.

Your service provides a bit of that opportunity I have wanted.

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