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The problem for them now is that the evidence is finally becoming public which raises questions about the people who have been protecting Cunneen.

Last year Margaret Cunneen was to be investigated by ICAC for telling her son’s girlfriend to fake chest pains to avoid a breath test after a car accident in Cunneen’s car.

Just hoping it goes down to zero cause otherwise there might be complicated insurance issues.”Ms Tilley was driving Ms Cunneen’s car at the time.

Multiple parliamentary sources say Ms Cunneen mentioned she was worried that her insurance would be voided if Ms Tilley, who was on her P-Plates, was found to have alcohol in her system.

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The High Court found in Cunneen’s favor and in effect ruled ICAC did not have jurisdiction.“The inquiry is being held after Mr Levine in December issued a scathing report on the agency’s conduct in its pursuit of Ms Cunneen.

Of course, it could be used for the opposite results as well.

“Not only was I taught their method but I was constantly monitored with regular pregnancy checks.

I’ll keep following this matter and post on it again soon.

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