Scotty and lauren are they dating dating labeling food in service

Many people have reported seeing status changes on their Facebook accounts but that’s just rumors as contestant do not update non-official websites or pages while they are on the show, Lauren or Scotty would not be updating their personal Facebook page unless it was a page created officially for American Idol season 10 and it would be a group/artist page which does not include a relationship status.

With all that being said many fans say that if they are not dating they need to be because they are so cute together.

It’s safe to say that being good friends is enough for them right now.

It’s quite a shortcut to assume that a kiss means that two people are dating or in a relationship, obviously both Scotty and Lauren are very mature for their age.

Keep in mind that it was Lauren who kissed Scotty; it’s not entirely true that they kissed each other technically speaking.

You also need to remember that they have said at some point that they are like brother and sister so whatever there is between these two it’s not romantic love.

Lauren later confirmed in an interview that she did indeed plant a kiss on the young country singer.

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Granted it may not be the most appropriate phrase to throw out left and right but maybe it’s just his way of showing that he is very loving and caring and it might simply be due to the way he was raised, not afraid to express his feelings.

Lauren Alaina met her handsome boyfriend Alex Hopkins on July 5, 2012, and began dating later that year.

Now Alex Hopkins is officially Lauren Alaina’s fiance.

Country music songbird Lauren Alaina and her longtime love Alex Hopkins shared their happy news via social media.

Nearly five years after the couple started dating, Lauren and Alex continues to prove why they fit the term ‘goals’ perfectly.

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