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I remember being 16 and fantasizing about how cool it would be to sleep with a teacher and an older adult, and I had even been warned before about how wrong that is but wanted to do it anyway.I believe that an adult is always first and foremost responsible for taking advantage of a teenager and child, but what should you do if your child pursues an older relationship? I believe you should educate them on the dangers, but I'm not sure if that alone is enough.

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You need to clearly state what your rules are and why.

Follow Up With Action If your child were to still engage in this relationship, I would encourage you to follow up legally.

This would be no surprise to either party if it was made clear beforehand, and I would encourage you to stick to your guns.

If your child is 15 and they’re dating an 18 year old, I would encourage you to openly discuss the risks to him/herself as well as the risks to the other party if they were to engage in a sexual relationship.

You may also want to invite their boy/girlfriend over, and perhaps their parents as well, to have this conversation together.

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