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The church has denied these allegations, but the fallout has still been immense—Sovereign Grace has lost a number of its member churches, a number of its members, and Maheny has lost much of his influence (Al Mohler publicly severed ties with him).It was about this time that Harris left his ministry church to pursue education, declaring in a sermon that now he sees there were “flaws in the system.” (As a fascinating, if tragic aside, when Rachael Denhollander, the Olympic gymnast, began to speak up about the abuse she had experienced, her church wanted her silenced, and she and her husband were eventually asked to leave their fellowship.The first (through Instagram) that he and his wife would be separating (apparently amicably?a kind of Gwyneth Paltrowian ‘conscious uncoupling’?

Naturally, the circumstances invite speculation, as well as unfortunate puns. Why did he kiss Christianity (and his wife) goodbye?Those who had sacrificed themselves to purity would redeem the image of the vagina.Harris emerged again last week, of course, with two subsequent bombshell announcements.The first is the nature of the church he came from, the second is the nature of Christian Higher Education. Harris had been trained, and nurtured, under the direct tutelage of C. Maheny, once powerful and respected megachurch pastor.Harris was, to my understanding, Maheny’s chosen successor.

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