Speed dating franchise

We’re here to help you along your journey to planning high quality successful events. We’ve completed over 100 hours of consulting, sold speed dating kits world-wide, and hosted successful events across the U. Choosing Match in Six will give you the confidence of knowing that you’re working with a team of professionals who understand the speed dating business and dating industry.

Everything you need to become a successful planner of these unique singles events is offered in our products and services.

(edit in Word) Ice breaker questions A list of questions to help daters break the ice during the event.

(edit in Word) Date Evaluation Sheet Evaluation sheet each dater will receive to rate their date.

Also one of the things that had me hooked on ‘When the music stops’, is that it’s all 1 one-off fee, so no renewals, no “oh didn’t you know? For me the website was a bit too cheap, and although it’s their own ads at the side it made me feel like I was on some weird website filled with ads.. Their main claim to fame (apart from the name) is that they’ve appeared on TV, “What have the Beckham’s done for us?

” which I haven’t seen, but it sounds a lot like a dating program. I feel bad mocking this website but it has everything it shouldn’t really.

Original Kit 9 Customized Speed Dating Kit: 9 *if you have a coupon code, please enter during checkout.

Discounts may not be given after purchase is complete.

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A lot of the talk about Franchises is that you can be your own boss, and get Why Dating? No-one knows how to meet anyone these days, it’s either forced (at school, university or work) or through friends. well if you are really interested then I’ll give you a little list of a few Dating Franchises and compare them.

I’ve already hosted my first event and I’m planning the second event now!

It’s really great that you offer ongoing support and consulting, because I need it. -Queene, from Lagos, Nigeria With Match in Six, you’re not just getting a speed dating kit.

There will be a calander where people can chose which event they want to register for and pay. In the Adminstration area you will be able to create blog posts, create events, customize front page, change logo, and keep track of your attendees. This is what your site will look like but of course with your name. Here is a rundown of what you are getting: Installation of software Installation of plugins and set up Installation of theme You will need to create all your own ads to be placed on the web site!

The first thing you need to do is purchase a domain and hosting!

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