Stop twitter updating facebook status best before code dating

Millions of people are using facebook social networking website to connect with other people for sharing their thoughts.Everyone Wants to Put an unique and best facebook status for their Profile.Only your friends will see the post, unless you made it public. They also get labeled with the word "Sponsored," because it's really an ad.You have to post the status update first, click Promote on the post, and then you'll be asked for a method of payment for a small fee, which depends on your location and how many people you're reaching.If you want to categorize that post, use a hashtag or two (or three).A "hashtag" is a word or phrase (without spaces) preceded by a "#," also known as a hash sign.Every one Wants to impress his/her friends with his personality by putting unique facebook status quotes and some wants to impress their lovers with their most romantic status for their facebook.Here We have Collection of the worlds best 40 facebook Status and latest most beautiful and cool status quotes for facebook.

Chose one for your facebook and apply any of the following status.Before you can link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your app platform in Facebook must be turned on.To verify that the platform is turned on: If you ever want to discontinue automatic Facebook posts to your Twitter feed, there are two different ways you can accomplish this.Then, go ahead and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.The following procedures explain how to set up your automatic posts, and how to discontinue them, should you choose to do so later.

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