Threatening or intimidating

This felony charge is more common in domestic violence cases whereby a defendant is accused of threatening a romantic partner or family member for calling the police.Threatening or intimidating cases are charged as felonies when involving criminal street gangs.If you’ve been charged, contact our office today to receive a free case consultation with our attorneys.Ryan Hodges was more then helpful when my Mom passed away suddenly without a will. Even though I don't live in the greater Phoenix area I still used Ryan services because he came highly recommended.They are both outstanding lawyers that really do have the best interest of their clients in mind and I could tell throughout the whole process.

In rare cases, it’s charged as a class 6 felony if alleged that the defendant made the threat in retaliation to a victim reporting criminal conduct.If there are other charges present, the importance of having a strong defense is even more paramount. This is also the case when this conduct is committed by a “criminal street gang member.” Threatening or intimidating in order to promote a gang or crime group can be a class 3 felony.Often, threatening and intimidating charges are brought against someone based solely on their side of the situation.Under Arizona’s Threatening or Intimidating Statute, it’s a crime to threaten or intimidate violence; it’s also illegal to threaten serious property damage.Threatening or Intimidating, under ARS 13-1202, is a serious offense that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony.

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