Trouble updating itunes on windows xp Online video chat without reg

Delete Smart Playlists If you’re really serious about making i Tunes load and run faster, then disable Smart Playlists.

Some users love this feature an can’t live without it.

But if it doesn't, this troubleshooting assistant can help.

Other symptoms may include: To restart i Phone, first turn i Phone off by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears.

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You can still create your own playlists and it doesn’t slow down performance as much as the Smart Playlists.

This also gives you more control over your music collection, which will be appealing to the serious music enthusiast.

Disable Unused Services Apple assumes you own an i Pod, Apple TV, i Phone, and other Apple products.

Use Folders to Organize Playlists Sometimes it can be easier to put a bunch of albums in a folder to get to them. Mainly we focused on the Desktop Player and your music collection.

There are some tips and tricks for speeding up the syncing and backing up devices, improving video performance, and i Tunes Store that we’ll be taking a look at in future articles.

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