Trouble updating macromedia flash player names of sedating antihistamines

Simply viewing a Web page is all it takes for a bad guy to take control of your computer. The only way to be safe is to upgrade to the newest version,

These bugs in the Flash player will, no doubt, be a huge target for the bad guys since almost every computer (Windows, Macs and Linux) has some version of Flash installed.

The program uninstalls both the Internet Explorer and Firefox versions of the Flash player. Firefox upgrade procedure Initially, this posting detailed a host of problems trying to use the Control Panel Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows XP to remove the Firefox version of the Flash player.

In fact, it even uninstalled a copy used by a portable version of Firefox. After getting completely inconsistent results on three different machines, it became obvious the Adobe Flash player uninstaller was the way to go.

Another machine was not at all happy with the request, as shown below.

As with Firefox, start at the tester page to verify that the Active X version of the Flash player is no longer installed.

To install a new copy of the Flash player, look for a yellow stripe at top of the tester Web page window and click on it. Should something go wrong, see Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows from Adobe.

Adobe has instructions on how to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and Active X control that include a link to download its uninstall program.

There is an uninstall program for Windows and one for Macs, but no mention of Linux at all.

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