Updating artwork on ipod

Did this work to resolve syncing issues or failures with your i OS 8 devices and i Tunes 12?

If not, did you go through this more general troubleshooting guide?

Did hundreds or thousands of songs just disappear for seemingly no reason?

This should resolve syncing problems with both wi-fi syncing and USB cable syncing.Assuming all went well, i Tunes 12.1 will sync flawlessly now with i OS 8.1, i OS 8.2, and/or i OS 8.3 (and hopefully all other future i OS versions), and the device will no longer have a bunch of unplayable track names in Music app.Another two points worth mentioning; i Tunes seems to be less problematic when syncing with a USB cable than with Wi-Fi.Keep track of artwork and submissions on the go, with access to all your data and full-screen artwork at your fingertips.Artwork Tracker makes keeping track of your art collection easy.

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